1) Does the butter have to be room temperature?

Answer: For our current Quik Seal Butter Mill, the butter has to be room temperature.  All other plastic versions will work on cold but not frozen butter.  Remember if too cold and frozen, just wait a few minutes or run extrusion slot under hot water until the handle turns easily


2) Why are there parts of the threaded handle’s threaded shaft  which appear to missing their threads?

Answer: Inherent to injection molding are spots on the molded part which are literally pushed out of the tool with ejection pins.  They are typically round and need a flat area to contact.  This is what is going on here and there is no problem with the part – in fact it is designed this way.


3) Is it dishwasher safe and food grade plastic which is BPA free?

Answer: Yes, it is top shelf dishwasher safe and we specify food grade BPA free plastic in its production.


4) Why doesn’t it fit my butter stick?

Answer: California and Oregon have a different, slightly fatter and shorter butter size which must be trimmed to fit in.  Alternatively, you guys can use Trader Joe’s or Land O’ Lakes brand butter which should fit.


5) Does it cut the butter?

Answer: No, it physically forces (extrudes) the butter through the very very thin slot at the end of the barrel.  As a result a significant amount of force is generated by screwing the handle clockwise – which moves forward the piston which in turn presses the butter out into the magical ribbons we all know and LOVE!